3 Quick Tips for Helpful Parents

If you’re looking for the best way to help your child succeed at the gym, look no further. Below are three quick tips to help you be the best gym parent you can be:

1. Stay in the loop – Communication is key to making sure you are doing your part as a parent. Until they’re in the later teen years, most children don’t keep up with their own schedules. Keeping track of gym emails and notifications is a great way to make sure your child is gaining every opportunity to continue to train, grow, and participate at the gym.

2. Ask questions – When in doubt, ASK! The classes and training provided by the gym are to help benefit the child. If your child has a drive to excel and wants to work hard at home to make sure the skills are perfected, ask a coach (or leave a message if they’re busy) about what your child can do at home. Coaches are here to help!

3. Love your child – As much as you want to tell your child to straighten those froggy legs and point those super-flexed feet in the backwalkover like the coach said, the “Parent” role is to encourage and love no matter what. Children don’t want to disappoint their parents and often a parent taking on a coaching role can deflate a child’s self-esteem. Research shows the serious talks on the car ride home are a factor in why children choose to quit sports and activities. Praise the effort, and let them know their hardwork will pay off! Remember, the number one goal of recreational activities is to have fun!

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